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ADM Grain Company

P.O. Box 350
110 E. 12th St.
Mendota, IL 61342
(815) 539-7491
FAX (815) 539-7917
Date Established: 9/2007 (locally)
Distribution: International
Number of Employees: 27,000 globally
Products/Services: Grain Merchandising, Grain Processing, Milling, Logistics, Rail, Truck, Barges, Vessels. Locally we generate and own 8 country elevators, a rail loading terminal, 10 barge loading terminals and a corn processing plant.

General Manager- Jeff Mauck

Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.

1600 Industrial Drive
Mendota, Illinois   61342
(815) 539-2160
FAX# (815) 539-2199
Date Established:  12/2002
Mendota PlantDistribution:  International
Number of Employees: 80 +
Products/Services:  drainage pipe and products
Executive Staff:
Plant Manager – Jason Hartman
Zone Manager – Ken Shumate

American Machine Inc.

215 E. 12th Street
Mendota, Illinois  61342
(815) 539-6558
FAX# (815) 539-6558
Date Established:  1988
Distribution:  Local, Regional
Number of Employees:  3 men   1 woman
Products/Services:  metal fabrication and machine work
Executive Staff:
President – Michael Schuhler

Bay Valley Foods

349 N. 43rd Rd.
P.O. Box 230
Mendota, IL   61342
(815) 538-1700
FAX# (815) 538-1711        
Date Established:  2006 (locally)
Distribution: Local, Regional, National
Number of Employees:  117
Products/Services:  Manufacture of private label products.
At Mendota location we manufacture private label soup.

Black Bros. Co., Inc.

501 Ninth Avenue
P.O. Box 410
Mendota, Illinois  61342-0410
(815) 539-7451
FAX# (815) 538-2451     
Date Established:  1882
Distribution:  Regional, National, International
Number of Employees:  55
Products/Services:  Manufacture of laminating and roll coating machinery
Executive Staff:
Chairman – James S. Carroll
CEO – Matthew B. Carroll
COO – Robert F.  Stachlewitz, Jr.
CFO – Jeffrey Simonton

Director of  Sales – Todd Phalen

Del Monte Foods

RR #3  347  N. 43rd Road
P.O. Box 140
Mendota, Illinois  61342-0140
(815) 539-9361
Date Established:  1892 – Mendota Facility, 1948
Distribution:  National, International
Number of Employees:  92 regular, 500 seasonal  (Mendota based)
Products/Services:  Process, pack, labeling and distribution of canned vegetables.
Executive Staff:  Mendota
Operations Manager – Scott Jamison
Vegetable Production Manager – Harlan  Hawkins
Area Controller – Tom Bremer
Area Human Resource Manager – Diana Foust
Field Superintendent – Ed Hoffman
Warehouse Manager – Dan Wilson

Diversifoam Products

1101 Lori Lane
P.O. Box 619
Mendota, Illinois   61342
(815) 539-3221
FAX# (815) 539-3433
Date Established:  1984
Distribution:  Local, Regional, National
Number of Employees:   29 men   3 women
Products/Services:  Manufacture of E.P.S. Insulation, "Raylite" Expandable Polystyrene,"Certifoam" Extruded Polystyrene
Executive Staff:
President – Ben Sachs
Executive Vice President – Carl Mura
Vice President Operations – Steve Slavik
Plant Manager – James Postula
Production Manager – Kelly Kagay

ENP, Inc./Age Old Organics

2001 W. Main Street
P.O. Box 618
Mendota, Illinois  61342-0618
(800) 255-4906
FAX # (815) 538-6981        
Date Established:  1987
Distribution:  National & International
Number of Employees:  8 men   3 women
Products Services:  Age Old Organics produces fertilizer for greenhouses and ornamental gardens.  ENP produces fertilizer for a turf consumer line.
Executive Staff:
President – Tomas J. Smith
Vice President – Patrick Trainer
Operations Manager – Eleanor Ridge

Office Manager – Eleanor Ridge
Media Manager – Taylor Trainer

Advertising and Design Assistant- Laura Funfsinn


HCC, Inc.

1501 First Avenue
Mendota, Illinois  61342-0952
(815) 539-9371
Date Established:  1883
Distribution:  National, International
Number of Employees:  220
Products/Services:  Manufacture of captive and contract products for agricultural use:  Reels, Sieve & Chaffers, Field Tracker, Augers
Executive Staff:
Chairman Of The Board – Carl E. McNair
President  – Don Bickel
General Manager- Rick Edwards
Vice President – C. F.O. – Carter Sorenson
Engineering Manager – Jim Legner
Facilities Manager – Rick Meyer
Human Resource Manager – Diane Schallhorn
Quality Manager – Dave Mammen

Operations Manager - Jef Fields

Illinois Frame, Inc.

Rt. 34 East
P.O. Box 401
Mendota, Illinois  61342
(815) 539-5033       
Date Established:  1972
Distribution:  Regional
Number of Employees:  8 men   1 woman
Products/Services:  Repair of semi tractors and trailers, front end alignments, sell over the counter, a full line of tractor and trailer repair parts, ie, brake parts, springs, seals and bearings.  Dealership for Western Snow Plows/Wilson and Trinity Trailers.
Executive Staff:
President & General Manager – T. A. Kennedy

Illinois Valley Door Company

Rt. 251 South
P.O. Box 325
Mendota, Illinois  61342
FAX (815) 539-5612
Date Established:  1974
Distribution:  Local
Number of Employees:  5 men  1 woman
Products/Services:  Delivery and installation of overhead doors and electric operators, sales, service and repairs.
Executive Staff:
Owner - Gerald Full 

Kunz Engineering, Inc.

2100 Welland Road
Mendota, IL   61342
(815) 539-6954
FAX # (815) 539-6955
Date Established:  1992
Distribution:  International
Number of Employees:  3 men  1 woman
Products/Services:  AcrEase tow-Behind Finish Cut & Rough Cut Mowers; Till-Ease Field Cultivator/Chisel Plow & Cultipacker
Manufacture & Sell through Dealer/Distributor Network with some direct sales in non-dealer territory
Executive Staff:
President – Gary L. Kunz
Vice President of Engineering – Matthew A. Kunz
Secretary/Treasurer – Wanda M. Kunz 

Mendota Agri-Products, Inc.

448 N.  3973 Rd.
P.O. Box 439
Mendota, Illinois  61342
(815) 539-5633
FAX (815) 539-9773
Date Established:  1983
Distribution:  Local, Regional, National, International
Number of Employees:  34
Home Office Address:  1819 Moen Ave., Joliet, IL 60436
Products/Services:  Produce feed fats and dry rendered tankage.
Executive Staff:
Chairman – John Mahoney
President & C.E.O. – Joe Baka
Plant Superintendent – John D. Setchell
Production Manager – Richard Saylor
Office Manager – Tina Davis  

Mendota Welding & Manufacturing Repair & Fabrication

1605 1/2 13th Avenue
Mendota, Illinois  61342
(815) 539-6944
Date Established:  1975
Distribution:  Local
Number of Employees:  4
Products/Services:  Repair farm equipment, trucks, heavy equipment, weld aluminum and stainless steel, magnesium.  Fabricated heavy duty bumpers, hitches, custom work.  Portable welder, handle Linde Gases.
Executive Staff:
Proprietor – Mark E. Wujek  

N.L. Morton Buildings

Rt. 251 South
203 N. 4099th Rd.
Mendota, Illinois  61342
(815) 539-9325
Date Established:  1980
Distribution:  Local
Number of Employees:  8 men 1 woman
Products/Services:  Sales & construction of post frame buildings
Executive Staff:
President – James Stremlau
Vice President – Dennis Roling
Vice President – Norman Morton
Sales & Administration – Randy Shaddick

OXBO International

26709 Meridian Road
Mendota, IL   61342
(815) 539-7207
FAX# (815) 539-7218
Web address:
Date Established:
Distribution:  International
Number of Employees:  4 men  1 woman
Products/Services:  Ag service and parts
Executive Staff:
Service Manager – Josh Polk


Phalen Steel Construction Company

Rt. 52 North
P.O. Box 707
Mendota, Illinois  61342
(815) 539-9391
Date Established:  1946
Distribution:  Local
Number of Employees:  20
Products/Services:  A Design-Build service oriented general contractor offering a complete turnkey construction service including in-house architectural and engineering services.  Phalen's Design-Build group will provide complete general contract responsibilities.  Phalen Steel Construction Company is a franchised Butler Career-Builder, and has represented Butler manufacturing Company in North-Central Illinois since 1948.  Phalen also designs and installs Butler's coveted double-lock standing seam metal re-roof systems; a quick, convenient and long-term overlay solution to roofleak and/or drainage problems.
Executive Staff:
President – William G. Phalen
Secretary/Treasurer – Susanne K. McCollom
Vice President Sales – Michael P. Phalen
Executive Vice President/General Manager – Daniel K. Phalen
Vice President Operation – George R. Steele
Vice President Arch. & Engr. – Alan H. Russell
Vice President Development – Douglas M. Phalen
Vice President Market Development – Timothy J. Phalen
General Superintendent/Safety Director – Steven M. Phalen

Plano Molding Co.

1800 Hume Drive.
Mendota, IL  61342
(815) 538-3111
Date Established:  1937 - Mendota Facility 1991
Distribution:  International
Number of Employees:  121
Products/Services:  Manufacture of plastic injection molded products
Supervisory Staff:  Mendota
Plant Manger – Ron Jorgenson
Technical Manager – John Klossing
Home Office Address:  431 E. South Street, Plano, IL 60545

Prairie Land Millwright

617 East U.S. Route 34
Mendota, IL   61342
(815) 538-3085
FAX # (815) 538-3087
Date Established:  1998
Distribution:  National
Number of Employees:  20 men  2 women
Products/Services: Manufacturing and installation of commercial grain handling equipment throughout the continental U.S.
Executive Staff:
President – Duane Chaon
Secretary/Treasurer – Curt Chaon 


ProGro, Inc.

Corporate Office
18950 County Hwy 5 West
East Dubuque, IL 61025
Phone: (815) 747-6024
FAX: (815) 747-6103

Mendota Distribution Center
P.O. Box 523
Mendota, IL 61342
(815) 539-2301
FAX (815) 538-6981
Date Established: 2005
Distribution: Regional
Number of Employees: 8
Products/Services: Eco Agronomic Consulting for Golf & Sports Turf; Distribution of a wide range of products to address professional turf & landscape managers needs.

Executive Staff:

Eco Agronomist, Managing Partner: Aaron Goy

Sales: Rob Colby, Rusty Stachlewitz, Craig Shepherd

Consulting: Barbara Goy

Marketing & Sales Support: Stacy O'Sadnick

Warehouse/Delivery: Steve Kleckner

Ridley Feed Ingredients

1st Avenue & 17th Street
P.O. Box 110
Mendota, Illinois  61342
(815) 539-9321
Date Established:  1960
Distribution:  Domestic & International
Number of Employees:  49
Products/Services:  Manufacture of animal health products and custom vitamin premixes
Executive Staff:
Operations Manager – Tom Seite
Plant Manager – Kent Woods
Purchasing Manager – Rex Blunk
Customer Service supervisor – Bob Aldenhoff
Q. A. Supervisor – Amy Krueger
Production Supervisors – David Gulick & Paul Giacobazzi
PhD Formulations & Technical Support – Dr. Patrick Biggs

RR Donnelley Mendota, Inc.

1501 Washington Street
Mendota, Illinois  61342
(815) 539-7402
(800) 892-8635
FAX # (815) 538-1324    
Date Established:  1892
Distribution:  International
Number of Employees:  300 (Mendota Based)
Products/Services:  Printing/Magazines
Executive Staff:
Vice President of Operations – Charles L. Utley
Manager Human Resources & EHS– Colleen Martin

Administrative Assistant - Rebecca Clift
Finance Manager – Marty Beck

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