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  • 2020 Valentine Baby Contest - Online Voting 2020 Valentine Baby Contest - Online Voting


    Voting runs January 30th - February 13th (until 12pm)

    Every cent is one vote (One Penny = 1 vote; $1 = 100 votes)

    Please remember to put Child's name in the voting section. (Participants listed below)



    Girls 0-18 Months:

    Rylie Jean Priest

    Jaylynn Kay Stewart

    Harper Ganz

    Meredith Ridge

    Izzie Morgan

    Sophia Kelly

    Callie Kittilson

    Harper Baker

    Violet Bernardini

    Avery Chaon

    Xena Schaffer

    Ruby Nyman

    Ava Glover

    Avaline VanDoozer

    Whitley Clayton

    Boys 0-18 Months:

    Layne Wyatt Caley

    Lane Patrick Sellers

    Anthony Contreras

    Randall Fox

    Girls 19-36 Months:

    Harper Annett Rose DeBeck

    Hadley Kaufman

    Emma Ridge

    Freya Maunu

    Hope Hensley

    Boys 19-36 Months:

    Weston Schwingle

    Henry Baker

    Eli Nagy

    Troy Schaffer